O2 Inside Line: Daruma Otoshi (England Rugby Teammates)

Clients: O2/England Rugby
Production Company: The Media Bunker

Role(s): Left Camera Operator (Handheld) & Editor

'O2 Inside Line: Teammates' is a series that focuses on the lighter side of rugby where viewers find out more about the players and their personalities and character - mostly through challenges.
This episode 'Daruma Otoshi' looks at how the players got on with this traditional Japanese game of skill and accuracy. This was published to promote the buuldup to the Rugby World Cup 2019 - which was taking place in Japan.
My roles included rigging up the set, monitoring an individuals sound (we had 36 players in total), operating the left camera (handheld for a full day) and editing this particular video and exporting to a wide range of formats including 16x9, 1080x1080, 1080x1080 with subtitles and 9x16 for England Rugby and O2 Sports social media channels.
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